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%%% BIBLE %%%

creation of universe, earth was formless desolate,ocean over evrything gen1'1 creat light,night,day,sky,animals,plants,land,humans oun gods image, tree of life tree of knowledge of ethical awareness and mortality gen2'9, first garden ouf eden,nearby assyrya,euphrates gen3'24after the snake trick, protected the tree ,that gives life, with creatures and a flaming sword. gen3snake trickery of sacred trees of God,by developing and acknowledg another purpiuse on them, will outcome lie about tree:does nt cause death,makes u more like God, and lets u tru-know good and bad. adam first human son of god, could live 930 years, and had son Seth with 180 years, gen5'1,5 Seth,son of adam, lived912years,had son Enoch with 105 years.gen5'6,7 descendants of seth could live average +300-800 years and reproduce at average 65-160yrs gen5'9'30 until briefly the greatflood gen11'10 where God banned and limitied to100 due to involvement with heaven beings and common women on earth noah could have 3sons w 500 yrs gen5'32 intheageofnoah greztflood,heavenly beings used to take women, 6'1,2 and giants gen6'1,4 angels from heaven ,not evil angels or desobeyin angels, can come down to earth to coexist with humans temporarily and eat food humans eat and drink. gen19'1-3 angels have the power to cause blindness to deffend themselves from an incomin physical attack or assault gen19'11 abraham was 100 yrs when had aon Isaac gen21'1,2,5 his wife sarah was no longer having periods or commonly fertile gen18'11,12

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